Anniversary Nights

Prednisone: if you don’t want the bronchitis cough to keep you awake, prepare for the enhanced hypertension and random bursts of energy that will instead.

At this moment, I want to work, play Call of Duty, watch every episode of Walking Dead, plus Fight Club, plus Pi, plus Akira all at once.

I also want to bust out the Dremmel and sharpen the knives, clean my rifles, build the Arduino Xmas light controller I’ve been flaking on, adjust the sunroof in my car and bake some fresh bread. You know, while I’m doing that other stuff too.

Mobile Live Internet Video Broadcasting

Back in early 2005, there were very few mobile phones that came with cameras. The quality was awful. Video capture was even worse. But it was new here in the States at the same time the “vloggers” were desperately trying to make a name for themselves.

At that time, I was creating an automated system that allowed the unimaginable: capture video from your cell phone, send it to my system and it would not only post to your blog, but would notify your friends and family.

“Great idea,” potential investors said, “But, the phones with cameras are expensive…and who really wants to do that? What’s so interesting that they’d need to instantly share a video?”

Sadly, I listened not only to their lack of financial investment, but their lack of vision, too. YouTube eventually came along and I killed the fully operational project. I won’t compete with “free.”

Last night I realized I’m still housing all of the old video content captured and posted in 2005. Its all been sitting quietly on Amazon S3. Time to blow off the eDust and kick Throw-Back-Thursday up a notch