Insomnia, Update 847.

Insomnia. Noun. A disorder where you wake up in the middle of the night and do absolutely nothing productive, hoping for hours that you’ll fall back asleep “soon” only to realize your alarm is about to go off in 15 minutes. You’ll spend the rest of the day exhausted and looking forward to dozing off early, only to wake up again in the middle of the night.


Interview Question: Your Favorite Movie

Spent the first 20 minutes geeking out during an interview this morning. Even if I don’t don’t get the gig, I made a buddy. His final questions – and this is evidence of how lightweight the conversation was: name your favorite movie and boy band.

“Fight Club, Pi, The Matrix, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead.” I abstained from naming a boy band and he objected. “Fine. Menudo was the shit when I was in elementary school. Then the girls caught wind of Wham! They were all in love with George Michael. I got the last laugh. So my favorite boy band is Wham!”

“Well played,” he said, “I’m the second of 2 interviews you’ll have to endure. You should hear from us by Friday or Monday at the latest. Expect to hear from us before then.”

My follow-up email to thank him for his time recommended “Her” as a brilliant example of where AI could/might/will definitely take us.

Might as well have fun with an interview if you may have to suffer the trenches with these folks.

*Update: I got the job.

Isn’t That…??

Twilight Zone S3:E13. This old man in a silent movie from 1890 ends up in 1961. His Chaplainesque slapstick comedic movements are perfect, regardless of age and weight. I’m sitting here thinking, “man, he looks a lot like an older Buster Keaton…”

Sure as IMDB.. .it was.

Hug-Inspiring Stories

Caed and I are watching “First Man” in prep for his Buzz Aldrin presentation next week. Neil Armstrong lost his young daughter, Karen, to cancer not long before Project Gemini and seeing it in the movie really upset Jude. Karen Armstrong was close to Monet’s age when she passed away.

Jude asked for a game console. Absolutely, son. He’s kept his feet on me ever since.

Processing real life is really difficult, regardless of age. Everyone needs and deserves constant hugs.

Flavorful Origins

Flavorful Origins S1:E1 (Netflix) – Happy Chinese children, sitting attentively at the table, flat spoons in hand, daintily sipping dinner outdoors; sunset behind them. They are lapping up “Olive and Pig Lung Soup.”

That’s the funniest shit I’ve seen in years. I cried. I died.