Raising Dion (Netflix)

Give it a chance. All 3 of my boys are enthralled with this middle school super hero origin story. I forced them to watch the first episode and now they want to binge.

Our kids need an unintentional super hero like Dion in their dialog. Honestly, I think we all do.

Midnight Diner – Tokyo Stories (Netflix)

Midnight Diner is by far my favorite show to watch on a quiet evening after the family has gone to bed. It’s based around a tiny, single-cook diner on a humble lane in Tokyo. Every episode is a stand alone short story with very few repeat characters outside of “Master”, the chef/owner of the diner. A single meal is featured as a sub-plot for each episode, which – like the storyline – appears simple but carries graceful complexity to a delicious end.

A Family that Dreams Together

Dreams. I’ve always had extremely vivid, sometimes lucid, sometimes insightful, but always insanely intense dreams. They can last for what feels like hours. I can wake up, get distracted, fall back asleep and drop right back into the same dream sequence. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, it’s just what has always been for me.

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“Real ID” Experience. Department of Motor Vehicles, Costa Mesa, CA.

I started with an appointment and a quick profile submitted online via https://www.ca.dmv.gov and a required account with https://ID.me. Papers printed, I appeared at the “Start Here” desk. Friendly people reviewed my paperwork, ensuring all items were in order before I proceeded.

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