Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Rilakkuma and Kaoru (Netflix). Awww cute! Gorgeous stop motion animation of a woman and her 2 stuffed animal bears and a cleaning obsessed baby chicken.

Then it turns into, “What in the hell is this and who is this show actually for?”

You can watch the first two or three episodes to at least give you the character introductions. But S1:E5 “Ghost Girl” will make it abundantly clear that this story line isn’t for kids and foreshadow an entire series of “WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?” moments.

I’m all in at this point. Bring it.

You’re A Grand Old Flag

Laguna Beach “reconsidering” painting the American flag in the font of their police cruisers because someone complained that the Stars and Stripes were “too aggressive”.

It’s not too early in the morning to completely lose my shit right now.

Dad! Stop!

Discovered a new joy in life today: making a scene on a rollercoaster next to my 14-year old son, then announcing that he’s single. Girls were literally waiving to him from the next ride over.

Oh, son. Your teen years are going to be so much fun for me.

Green Alert Concerns

Wisconsin has a “green alert” for at-risk veterans who may pose a threat to themselves and its a terrible implementation of a well-intentioned idea. It’s like an Amber alert, but for veterans who might hurt themselves. Wisconsin shows the veteran’s picture, license plate, weapon status and whether they have been diagnosed with PTSD on the news, mobile phones and highway signs as an emergency.

My “You Didn’t Think This Through” concerns are 3-fold:
1) An American’s right to privacy. 
2) Competence of someone claiming that the Veteran may be a threat to self or others. Who is qualifying these alerts?
3) The training of the first responder to handle a crisis-with-weapon situation.

The best case scenario for all 3 concerns is an absolute disaster. That’s before the governor has to eventually apologize and admit there’s “room to improve.” By that point, it’s too late for someone.

In light of the cluster Wisconsin has implemented here, I recommend a mobile network of veterans and their families to receive notifications of one of their brothers whom is in a struggle, within 5, 10, 15 or 25 mile range.

No one understands what it’s like to come back more than someone who already came back and had to adjust on their own. Our men and women don’t deserve to do that alone. With a mobile network, Veterans could be on scene, talking one of ours down, identifying and bridging the crisis to “Its going to be okay, you’re not alone” before someone with a badge and an itchy trigger finger arrives to make matters worse.

Wisconsin: your intentions are good but your implementation is a nightmare. Yes, our veterans are at risk but they are not a hazard to society. They are our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They deserve our every effort, not to be broadcast as a potential criminal.

Fake Uber

I have an easy option to solve the “fake Uber” problem: display a 3-digit pickup code on the hailer’s phone. When the car arrives, the driver will simply state the code from his device.

If that still fails, you’re probably so drunk that you’d be safer in an ambulance or a police cruiser.

Unicorn Store

Unicorn Store (Netflix): a cinematic rhinestone, delivered by a small handful of brilliant actors, allowing us all one last chance to embrace and say goodbye to our imaginary childhood companions.

While Mama Bear is Away

If we’re going to have madness and mayhem with 4 kids while Mama Bear is at work on a Saturday morning, it may as well have a fun soundtrack. Introducing the kids to Ska: Operation Ivy, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones and Madness (amongst others).