Dude Perfect (HULU)

What a great natured and fun group of guys in Texas that do trick shots with athletes and other professionals. Entertaining and family safe. I highly recommend this.

My 6 year-old LOVES this show and we all have a lot of fun watching it together.

Kingdom (Netflix)

Imagine The Walking Dead in 16th century Korea. Except it’s better from the origin. If TWD is your flavor and you can handle subtitles, Kingdom is pure binge worthy. Watch to the end of S1:E3 and convince me I’m wrong.

2 Gallons of Milk

I visit grocery stores daily, just in hope of what I might find. Today I was thrilled to find a few gallons of milk, I bought two because we’ve rationed out what little we had at home for days. I found a loaf of overpriced bread that my kids might eat. We’ll see. No fresh meat, yet. I was happy to see some fresh fruits and vegetables. I even found beef stock and some clean frozen vegetables. Hope to find flour in a day or two so I don’t have to break open our emergency dry goods supply. 

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Christmas Day for Dads

Christmas for dad used to mean unboxing absurdly secured toys from wires and installing batteries. Today it’s full-blown technical support for account creation, device registration and navigating system updates.

Happy “Day Off” to all the system engineers out there.

TP Panic

If we can trace the origin of coronavirus to one tiny little exotic meat shop in China, can someone trace the origin of misinformation about stockpiling toilet paper, water, OTC cold medications and hand sanitizer for me? I want to troll the hell out of that news feed.

Thanks in advance.