Phone Calls, Delays

Mt. Dora, Florida

Phone calls, delays, phone calls, delays.

The last couple of days have been a constant speed-ball of highs and lows. Calls to lawyers are unresponsive or negative.

But the company has been great. I’ll see the kids for the last time in a couple of hours.

Then I’m off.

I’m hoping to reach the Texas/Louisianna border tonight. Then El Paso the next night. California the night after.

It’s strange how much you can leave behind after 20-some-odd days. Its worse how much I left behind about 60 days ago.

The universe folded up within that time and unfolded into a strange new world for me.

I’ll spend the next few years figuring that out.

Until then, I’ll crank up Sheryl Crow’s “Come On Come On” as I roll down the windows, open up the moon roof, and chase the setting sun to the west.

Talk to you all soon-

All my love,


P.S. This is an all-out broadcast request for prayers for my friend Iris. She needs them right now and I know what you all can do in your union with God. I thank everyone in advance.