Invasion (AppleTV+)

By the end of the second episode of the AppleTV series, Invasion, we’ve been through an emotional rollercoaster of stress, loss, anger and fear. We have learned intimate details of 4 back stories beginning the day before apparently hostile aliens visit Earth. What we haven’t seen yet are the aliens themselves.

Without giving away too much, Invasion pounces on the “life is fleeting and human stories can change in a heartless matter-of-fact instant” routine. I’m not really sure who the main characters will be, because as soon as we become invested in where Invasion might take them, BAM! It’s lights out for that character and there’s no telling where the stories will go next.

It would be appreciated if Invasion were a little less emotionally cruel, or paced slightly faster than an elevator trip into madness, but where’s the fun in that? Regardless, it successfully passed the “2-episode hook test” and I’m in for the rest of the season.