A Family that Dreams Together

Dreams. I’ve always had extremely vivid, sometimes lucid, sometimes insightful, but always insanely intense dreams. They can last for what feels like hours. I can wake up, get distracted, fall back asleep and drop right back into the same dream sequence. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, it’s just what has always been for me.

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Baby Its Cold… Wait, WHAT?!

“Baby, it’s Cold Outside.” Read the lyrics. It’s creepy. Even outside of the beautiful harmony when it’s sung as a duet. But do not, under any circumstances, confuse the dialogue of this song with the non-consensual violence of the R-word. That’s a reach beyond any sense of reason. Yes, the male is persuading aggressively, so much so that it’s really uncomfortable when you read the lyrics on their own.

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Dear Mr. Bourdain

Damnit! I hoped to share a beer and a story with you some day. You had a mastery of word and an intimate knowledge of the texture that makes us all human. I’m so sorry it was too much to bear. That part I understand. But I’m admittedly angry that you made your closest friend find you like this.

You’re going to genuinely be missed, Tony.

Take Back Your Social Network

Start Taking Back Your Social Network in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Disable Notifications AND Location services – unless you’re using social media for your business, you do not need to be reminded to look at your mobile every 10 minutes, despite what advertisers think. Nor do you need to broadcast your location even while you’re not using an app. Your phone is already doing that for you.

2. Uninstall Messenger – this is the worst application and demands far too much access to your personal details. I installed it briefly and its constant nagging for access to my contacts list and demands to send me notifications just means that its gone, gone and gone.

3. Click the Remove button on every single “People You May Know” referral – I will write extensively about the problems with this part of the system later, but ultimately it does nothing to serve you.

There are further steps that can help ensure the best experience for you online, but these are the most significant to start reducing the noise that is flooding your feed and preventing you from connecting with the friends and family you came here for.

Leaving Aliso

There were a million things I would have rather been doing today, notably some quiet time reflecting under a tree. Instead, I had to spend the day wrapping up the last details of our move.

I’m officially out of Aliso Viejo, a city I’ve called home for the better part of over 15 years. The highest highs and the lowest lows in my life, those redefining moments that irrevocably change who you are as a person and what you believe in, all happened within the confines of that twisted little town.

Today my tenure ends there. Its not ironic that it happens today, and certainly neither mystical or planned; it simply happened today. Now its time to hug the kids, see them off and grab a shower. Today is one Sunday I’m glad to see end.

Lost Love

It was with a heavy heart that the television shut dark, its few remaining options of intelligent entertainment laid to rest. The History, Discovery and Science channels – all once bastions of their own namesake – now wastelands of the greed and desperate want for approval; victim of their own willingness to whore out what little palpable meat remaining on the bones of their once hearty and voluptuous flesh. I could no longer stomach the carrion of the shell I once adored, nauseous by its perpetual screen burn and animated enticements for the next eventual betrayal, endlessly featured in High Definition deceit.

With shame I turned to a dear lost friend and begged forgiveness in my despair and loneliness. Her pressed pulp and ink wrapped in a dust-covered binding, she opened warmly to me as if not a day had passed since our last encounter. She whispered greetings to me, a blessing of absolution. Then she lay, vulnerable and exposed, admitting her birth so long ago as evidenced by her curved spine and her softened corners. There she lay, as beautiful as the day we met.

“Take me, lose yourself in my lines again. Consume me, embrace me as I swallow and absorb you,” she enticed. Without hesitation I pursued.

She is weathered and gorgeous and left me no choice but to celebrate her as such. Her facts dated and somewhat disproven, she lay reclined, fiercely resilient and unapologetic, a testimony to her eloquent refusal to comply with the status quo. Yes, one could compare her to younger, fresher content dressed in flare, sparkles and wondrous noise; but, in that one would quickly be spent and left wanting, hungry after a disturbingly abrupt and bloodless meal. Meanwhile, there she purred softly in the corner, like a panther exhaling patiently, awaiting the lights to dim for the opportunity to strike with unparalleled force by the flicker of candle light. Now that she was uncaged, her will was mine.

“Judge me by the way I look,” she smiled knowingly while exposing her throat to me as a feast in waiting, confident that I would partake. My apologies of absence were clearly laid out before me and yet she invited, “Taste me.”

My resistance dissolved into the vaporous confessions of one already forgiven and I returned to the warm, comfortable embrace of a long lost mistress: a great book.