MFKZ (Netflix)

MFKZ is absolutely not for you. It just isn’t. Its a cartoon and that’s not your thing. It has harsh language and that offends you. One character’s face is just his skull and it’s always on fire. That makes zero sense, so just scroll by. This is not for your consideration.

Meanwhile, MFKZ is amazing for so many reasons like writing, animation, and box-breaking development.

But, no. Just don’t.

Unless you do. Then we knuckles. ‘Cause this shit is _good_!

(I was going to say “dope” but that’s fucking stupid.)

John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch (Netflix)

I spent a lot of the show wondering, “where in the hell is this going?” Its safe but it’s not bad. David Byrne made it awesome. Jake Gyllenhaal made it crazy. The kids made it fascinating. André de Shields made it poignant. Mulaney doesn’t make it hysterical, just what he always delivers: chuckles. That’s ok. There are some gems in whatever the hell one might call this. A movie? A comedy special? I’m still not sure. But if you’ve got an hour and ten to kill, it doesn’t suck.

Boxing Day

In the U.K., Canada and elsewhere, the day after Christmas is “Boxing Day” where the service industry takes a day off to collect tips and it’s considered an official holiday. At least that’s what I’ve read.

In the U.S., “Boxing Day” is the day after Christmas that parents break down a ton of Amazon cardboard boxes and toy packaging in hopes that we can shove that shit into the trash cans in time for holiday-delayed trash pickup. Blue lid? Gray lid? Green lid? Fuckit! Pack it in! #HURRY

The Irishman (Netflix)

The bell has rung and the 20th century mobster story has come to a permanent end scene. Every “wiseguy” who has ever been was duly and fairly represented and the narrative of the conflicts, the struggle, the identity, the family and the gain versus risk has come to a comprehensive end. Time proves that profit is forgettable, and the network of goodfellas eventually is caught, disappeared, flips or expires. This is the end of mobster stories as we’ve ever known them and it’s a masterpiece conclusion.

Dad, Mom says…

Dad and son outside at the grill.
Son: “Mom says you want to grill because it’s out here.”
Son: “Mom says you could cook this inside.”
Son: “Anything I can do to help?”
Dad: “Mom says you can go inside and rinse vegetables.”
Son: “If I don’t speak can I stay here?”

We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Netflix)

Surprise arthouse extraordinaire. It’s slow, somber and ominous to start. The parent scene around the 1 hr mark unleashes the dark side of the story behind the facade. Really well done, without a wide range of acting except for Alexandra Daddario (“Constance”), a true standout. This one is worth watching, and perfect for sending the less artsy-fartsy to bed early while you get to enjoy a dark story and visual treat.