I Lost My Body (Netflix)

All 3 of my sons and I just watched this beautiful animated feature length movie about a severed hand.

Yes, a hand, severed. It was surprisingly good according to all 4 of us. So that’s… 8 thumbs up for the movie about a hand.

And you thought your Saturday night was interesting….

He’ll Conquer the Universe

Unlike Helen of Troy, the course of human history didn’t change because of a random pretty face. It changed because she was perfectly imperfect but touched his arm, looked him in the eye and listened as he answered how he was. From that moment on, he knew his only purpose was to conquer the universe if only to make her proud for another moment.

All I Have Left

They laughed and shared over breakfast as if a day hadn’t passed since they last saw each other. They were like warm familiar sweaters that they hadn’t worn in years. Even their scent was an embrace.

He slid an envelope across the table.

“Aw, what’s this?” She asked, suddenly regretting she hadn’t brought a gift for him. She opened the envelope to find a folded piece of ragged paper with a simple heart shape scrawled on it.

She looked at him, knowing him, knowing what might come next.

“It’s all I have left. And it’s yours.”

Automation Nerd

You’d think for a guy who thrives on creating automated solutions – someone whom also rarely sleeps – that I would have some tricked out masterfully orchestrated robotic coffee brewing and delivery system for zero dark thirty when work starts.

Nope. That basic Mr. Coffee brewer is still blinking the wrong time since last year when I plugged that shit in. Meanwhile, the security system’s motion triggers activate our Halloween decorations and Alexa will let me know that the fans in the boys’ room are still running so I can have her shut them down on demand.

#nerdRebel #IbrewMyOwn #AlexaDeleteYesterday

It’s Cool, Man, Just Fix It.

I had a disagreement with a programmer today and I realized my explanation sounded like it was coming from the Big Lebowski…

Me: Your new code is failing when it attempts to divide by zero for the tax rate.
Programmer: But it works here perfectly.
Me: Sure, I’m certain it does, but it fails … like everywhere else. Particularly when your variable is still set to zero and then you try to divide by it.
Programmer: But my code is correct.
Me: At times, sure man, except where… you know… the fundamentals of math are involved.
Programmer: How can I possibly fix what I don’t feel is broken?
Me: that’s the thing: feelings. Math doesn’t care about my feelings or your feelings. That’s the beauty of it, math is just math whoever the hell you are. And it says your code can’t divide by a variable that equals zero. Don’t let your code try to beat the laws of math, man, it will always lose. And it would be cool if you could get that into a pull request by the end of the day.

El Camino (Netflix)

There’s no shortage of reviews about what happens with Jesse after the finale of Breaking Bad.

Mine is a little different: put on some headphones and listen to the audio as intensely (loudly and focused) as you can. It is as much a part of the story line as the characters. This story is beautifully crafted and you can experience it with your eyes closed, it’s that finely tuned.

Timetrap (Netflix)

Finding a sci-fi/adventure movie that is interesting enough for adults and friendly enough for 6-10 year olds is a challenge. This is a fun and engaging movie that explores the idea of being stuck in one place where time movies exponentially slower than the rest of the planet. Grownups and kids struggle to make sense of the situation, with a quote, “This isn’t the Goonies.” No it isn’t but it’s damned close to being a time travel version of The Goonies.

Worth a watch when there are juniors in the room.