Can we all please dispose of the word “fundamentalist” when we’re talking about sociopathic behavior in the name of some archaic mysticism, and start calling it what it really is: criminality (e.g. criminal Christianity, criminal Islam, criminal Hinduism)?

This is not to be confused with the incorrect practice of a given faith, but the justification of criminal activity in the name of a religion.

Killing someone in the name of an imaginary deity doesn’t make you a fundamentalist, it just means you’re a fucking murderer.

The Pope Warns Us of WHAT?!

Wait a minute! The King of Pretend City is warning about the limits of provocation with speech? That sounds a lot like justifying the murder of people who don’t agree with your opinion.

Hmmm, where have we seen that before? Seems so familiar….

Allow me to make this clear: you are not entitled to harm, maim or kill someone who offends you. Your life will be full of being offended by people who think you are an asshole and you deserve to hear it. What determines your character is how you listen to such criticism. What might make you a violent criminal is how your physically react to that criticism.

The only acceptable response would have been, “the murder of people simply because of the utterance of their words or the stroke of their pen or the belief in their opinion is an abomination, one we – as humans – must not tolerate.”

Source: http://www.channelstv.com/2015/01/16/pope-francis-warns-religious-provocation/