Warm Spring Day

Everyone is all, “I’m at the beach!”, “I’m at the pool!”, “I’m having amazing food and adventures and booze!”

Meanwhile I’m chained to the desk in my tech cave completing transfer of assets and writing termination of service notices. Ooooh! Up next? TAXES!

Pick Up the Phone First

When you receive “A File has been shared with you” email from a client you haven’t spoken to in a few months, pick up the phone and call him before clicking that link or flagging it as spam.

I called. My client’s exact words when answering the call were, “Aidan, don’t click on that link.” His phone was exploding and the SysAdmin was already scrambled to clean up the mess. I offered my assistance if he should need it, we had a good chuckle and wished each other well. The call was less than 30 seconds.

Benefit: virus not spread and now I’m back on my client’s radar when he reminds himself, “Oh, yeah, I need to have Aidan check on that thing that’s been nagging at me…”

Missing Instapot Feature

For all of the smart features the Instapot has, it lacks the “I forgot I put the lid gasket in the dishwasher and that’s probably why the kitchen suddenly smells so strongly of the broth I’m making… holyshittheresliquideverywhere!”

Yeah. That feature.


Someone please start a new fast food restaurant that copies Chick-Fil-A’s entire menu. Do everything they do except meddle in the lives and rights of consenting adults. I’ll be happy to feed my family from there at least 3 or 4 times a month. Oh, and call the new restaurant, “Chick-We’re-Gay-And-It’s-A-OK!”

Thanks. Good chat.

Love, Death + Robots

Well, hello, “Love, Death + Robots” (Netflix). It’s interesting to meet you. While I knew you were possible, I didn’t expect you so soon. Your aren’t edgy in the traditional sense, you’re quite literally “serrated” and there’s bloody flesh hanging from your handle.

Folks, these are beautifully rendered, dark, violent and sometimes hysterical vignettes that are not safe for you (or minors) to view if you are offended by blood, foul language or nudity.

Imagine Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone having a nearly unlimited CG budget, a laptop, every documented fetish and a pre-order for 18 uncensored episodes on Netflix.

It’s awesome!

Banjo Goals

I discovered this weekend that I want to live long enough to have time to learn how to play the banjo well and be that guy who plays banjo for friends and family but acts like he doesn’t want to, but then banjo’s their faces off.


Expanse‘ on Amazon Prime Video: I submit for your consideration as the modern SciFi series to beat. Each episode, each season, improves collectively. I’m thoroughly impressed and recommend that you watch the entire series, start to finish.

Insomnia, Update 847.

Insomnia. Noun. A disorder where you wake up in the middle of the night and do absolutely nothing productive, hoping for hours that you’ll fall back asleep “soon” only to realize your alarm is about to go off in 15 minutes. You’ll spend the rest of the day exhausted and looking forward to dozing off early, only to wake up again in the middle of the night.