The Gardener (Prime Video)

The Gardener is a documentary about “Les Quatre Vents”, or Cabot Garden, in Quebec.

This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful things I’ve seen on a screen in a very long time. To stroll this creation in person just found entry on my bucket list.

Pro tip: watch it in 4K if you can. You will not be disappointed.

This side… nope.

The Law of Averages says you can flip a coin and it will land heads-up about 50% of the time.

The laws governing my life mandate that in 99 out of 100 attempts, I will blindly plug in a USB cable upside down.

Additionally – because the universe has a sadistic sense of humor – 80% of those attempts will involve the cable bending naturally, but in the opposite direction I need it to bend.

Waking Up Tired

Woke up and the clock and laptops were all reporting 7:32! OMG OMG OMG I slept through two scrums and possibly a client call! Omg! Turn the kettle on and scramble to the QA and project managers, with apologies, somehow I slept through the alarm clock. Holy shit! Anything needed of me?

Dude, it’s 1945pm. You’re fine. Check in tomorrow morning. Wait, it’s still Thursday? I haven’t had dinner yet?

And from one QA, “take a mental health day tomorrow. You’re allowed. Just sleep in.”

I honestly don’t know how to do that. And the project manager just took the day off so I will carry the day….

Vinyl Pool Toolkit

If you have a vinyl inflatable pool during the quarantine, there are 3 items you will need:
– Pool scoop net. This is for bugs, debris, leaves and junk that ends upon your pool.
– Tarp. Something significantly larger than your pool to keep it covered overnight. This prevents bird droppings and all the debris mentioned above.
– Flex Tape!!! I cannot endorse this product without using more exclamation points. This stuff works wonders. We found a leak at the seam of our brand new pool after inflating it. I scrambled to the garage, snipped a slice of flex tape and patched the leak in real time. It’s still holding. This stuff is amazing. Granted, the scissors I used to cut it are a gummed up mess, but the pool still works. BUY FLEXTAPE

Thursday, quarantine day… whatever.

Standard work day with back to back meetings from 0500 until 1300. Then dad duty while mama bear does gym maintenance. Pizza for lunch, slack channel activity while the kids splash my gear from the kiddie pool. Edited video content for the trainer’s example. Walking a senior developer through the benefits of Kali Linux. There’s probably 10 more tasks I need to tackle before I pass out but this right here is as chill and fun as it gets.

The Half of It (Netflix)

A romantic self-discovery movie that is as warm and tender as only the best can hope to become. The Half of It delivers. It’s beautiful and intelligent

I’m pairing this movie with jambalaya (with or without sausage) because this requires comfort food to reassure self-discovery as welcome at home. When we discover who we are at that moment, validation helps. It’s actually redeeming. Should friends and family be absent, we still need to be true to ourselves, hence comfort food to the rescue.

The Half of It is my recommendation for your watch list this weekend.

Middleditch & Schwartz (Netflix)

There are only three episodes and I commend these two for braving the impossible: one hour of pure improvisation between two people, with only two chairs as props, before a live audience. This is not charades in your family living room. This is immediately assuming and developing a character – FOR COMEDY – on the spot in front a theater-sized audienc

Ready? GO!

True improv is brutal. Improv with another actor is an entirely different universe. These guys escalate from a good job, to a decent job to a great job (in 3 shows) with minor breakdowns in between.

The third episode is the best but you need to experience the journey. Watch all three.

The Platform (Netflix, Spanish with Subtitles)

A platform descends delivering a limited amount of food from floor to floor in a prison. Each floor contains two inmates. The platform contains less food than there are floors.

The Platform is a disturbing look into the brutal reality of privilege. It dives deep into the darkest self-serving nature humanity has to offer and the lengths we’ll go to survive.

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