Parenting Fail

Parenting fail: Before I dropped Rylan and Caed off for their last day of the school year this morning, I decided to make a quick detour to a nearby doughnut shop to celebrate. We jumped out of the car and they flew through the front door. Caed rushed to the display window, straight for the brightly coated pink doughnuts.

It was at that moment that I pat my back pocket and realized that I left my wallet and cash sitting on the counter at home, just 35 miles and 45 minutes away. My heart sank as I had to break the cruel news to both boys. We sulked back to the car with little hope that I would find any currency in the console or glove box. There was none.

I showered the kids with apologies, “I don’t have any cash here in the car.. but, hey, here’s some old Trident gum as a consolation prize!” They both took a piece and chewed silently as we drove off to school.

They’ll be treated to insanely large doughnuts of their liking tomorrow after I pick them up. But, still…. I suck.

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