Baby Its Cold… Wait, WHAT?!

“Baby, it’s Cold Outside.” Read the lyrics. It’s creepy. Even outside of the beautiful harmony when it’s sung as a duet. But do not, under any circumstances, confuse the dialogue of this song with the non-consensual violence of the R-word. That’s a reach beyond any sense of reason. Yes, the male is persuading aggressively, so much so that it’s really uncomfortable when you read the lyrics on their own.

There is nothing cheery about this song on the surface. But this song is about consenting adults. Read the lyrics. We did. It’s icky but it is not about rape by any definition. There’s also the whole role-play scenario, which if you’ve never explored likely wouldn’t even occur to you. But the lyrics could be interpreted as that as well. Again, that requires consenting adults.

This song is NOT about the violence and destruction that non-consenting assault is. Mistakenly labeling it as somehow a tribute to “rape culture” belittles the survivors of actual assaults, degrades the definition of the violence rape entails and reaches too far into real horrors of reality that this song does not portray. Any further attention to the song is a distraction from the awareness of actual violence, perpetual mysogeny and relentless blaming of rape vitctims that we’re still witnessing to this day.

(Slaps my two pennies on the counter, chugs the remaining coffee from my mug, exits)