Crawling Out of My Hole

Killkar, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland

So, the last 48 hours somehow disappeared in front of the laptop. I’ve been writing and editing and coding and….well, everything but eating.

So, here’s a couple of days worth of posts and images. I’ve got a bit more finished but I’ll wait for a couple of days to post it.

The phones have been a nightmare. If you can’t reach me, I’m terribly sorry. Please try to leave a voicemail. I’m having trouble at times getting to it.

Food is becoming such a pain in the ass that I’m wondering whether it is even worth it. I guess yesterday I answered my own question. Funny.

I realized as I was uploading the latest images that the sizes are MASSIVE! I’m terribly sorry to all of you who are using dial-up connections. I’m going to spend a couple of hours resizing and compressing them so they’ll be available to all. Again, terribly sorry.

Wee bit o’ technical difficulties.

There’s a huge group of tourists that piled into the Glen last night. Here’s for hoping that they are a decent crowd of English speakers. Wish me luck.

Might be heading out for Galway in a day or two. My feet are getting restless.

Till then, enjoy the reads. I apologize in advance for their length, content and weight. Welcome to my world.