Dominos Pizza

Everything about Dominos Pizza is absolutely brilliant and I’m not talking about their pizza.

Their app is useful, easy to use and is fantastic at logging your orders and making reorder simple. Their coupons make sense, without fluff or bizarre limitations, and they pitch only relevant ones to your account.

Their SMS integration is flawless. Thursday promotions are rare, but Friday? Like clockwork and relevant and convenient. Straight to the app, and you save a bucket of money.

I received an unusual promotion today for carry-out only deals (large 2-topping for $5.99). Since I would be driving before dinner, I thought it might be worth checking out. I called a store I’ve never spoken to (8 miles from here but in my path of the way home) and they were helpful when I asked about the coupon.

“Is this Aidan?” she asked, “Do you know what you want to order and when you’d like to pick it up?”

I stumbled. Holy cake. This company is using every bit of data, every available technology (machine learning, SMS/Email/caller ID, deep learning, cloud integration) to serve their customers brilliantly!

This is not the company I worked for after high school. But it IS the company I want to work with now. Embracing technology for the benefit – first – of the customer, which only makes the company stronger and more profitable.

If I can’t work with Dominos, I want to work with someone who is targeting to be better, because they need to have some crystal clear vision in their objectives.