Final Dreams

A.V., California

As you all know, I’ve been dreaming about visiting Ireland since I was a young child. At one time, I even had a job lined up in Cork working for Symantec.

I decided at that time that my relationship with Christina was far too important. I am ever so thankful that I stayed.

We wanted to go to Ireland for our honeymoon but due to time constraints, we opted for a fantastic stay in the West Indies. It was a phenomenal week and provided much needed rest, though we were both greatly disappointed that Ireland would have to be postponed yet again.

As life has changed dramatically over the last year and a half, I am left wondering what to do now. It’s time for a sabbatical.

I have recently made the difficult decision to leave our home. Yesterday I gave my notice of leave from Fluidmaster. They accepted with much compassion. I will finish out the month closing up my final projects and hopefully training my replacement.

I move out the weekend of St. Patrick’s day. How appropriate. Fortunately for everyone, professional movers will relocate all of our belongings to storage. No one will be required to haul boxes down three flights of stairs, though I do greatly appreciate all of your offers to help.

On Tuesday, 2 April, I depart LAX for Dublin. I am scheduled to stay until 30 April.

I’ve worked hard for ten years, focusing on my career and our relationship, to learn, earn and provide. I’ve worked hard for the last year and a half to survive. I would not be here today without the love and support you have all provided me.

My sabbatical is not about “moving on.” This is about me getting some rest, re-examining my life and finding what lies ahead in the tranquility of my father’s homeland.

When I return, I hope to travel the country visiting friends and family, sharing time together. Throughout California (North and South), Montana, Minnesota and Florida.

I heard something that struck me deeply a few months back. It has given me new perspective in light of all that has happened. I wish I knew who said it first.

  “We are not so much humans on a spiritual journey, but spirits on a human journey.”

My journey now takes a turn down a new path, this time by my choice. I do not know where it will take me. I am thankful that all of you are here to share it with me.

My love to you all-