Internet Connectivity Discovered!

Outskirts of Carrick, County Donegal, Ireland

Okay, okay, I know I haven’t been online in days. Yes, in fact, I’ve been fighting some serious withdrawls.

There is so much to update tonight and it tears me apart not to be able to post everything. Unfortunately, this single entry is all that I can bang out right now. The laptop battery is dry and I’m missing my US/UK power adapter. Its back at the cottage in GlenColumbkille.

So, I found this great little community center in the small village of Kilcar. They have snooker, basketball courts, a small community library and, best of all, 14 computers in a lab connected to the Internet. SCORE! It’s less than 20 minutes from the cottage so I’ll be certain to spend some time here during the next week. It’s a bit pricey (€5 /hr.).

Also, there are a ton of e-mails that I want to respond to. Due to current time constraints, I can’t. I will, however, get to each and every one of them in the next couple of days. Please don’t stop sending them. It’s great to hear from all of you.

What have I been doing (a bit of a teaser for the next few posts):

Arrived in GlenColumbkille on 4/9/02. Brief tour of a very small village. Driving around the area discovering little things.

Met a couple of interesting people. For those of you who have forwarded warnings regarding the neighbors, yes, they are both still here. Thankfully, while our family members are ne’er to utter a disheartening word about anyone, we still have our ways of letting eachother know that certain company is not in our best interest. Cheers to you all for your honesty. The neighbors have been hospitable and I’ve kept my distance with a smile.

Tis all good.

Saw Sligo and the abbey Thursday. Lots of pictures to post.

Hiked Slieve League yesterday with two American backpackers. Awesome day. Fantastic photos of a British tower constructed two hundred years ago.

The weather has been spectacular. The first day of rain since I arrived happened on Thursday. No problems at all.

The cottage is…well, quaint. I am eternally thankful to my grandparents for buying it 20 or so years ago and thankful to Pauline and Sean for maintaining it. It’s been a great basecamp, dispite the absolute lack of available peat. Yes, that means coal fires and for those of you who enjoy my rants, there’s a doozy coming up for you.

So, tons of pictures and shorts to come. I’m working on an idea that might make things a little more interesting while I’m here. Nothing strange, just a concept for a book.

I miss everyone. No, I don’t sound funny yet. I think I’ve been resisting the accent. I’m surprised at how much work it actually takes.

Hope all is well. Take care.

bog-boy aidan