Interview Question: Your Favorite Movie

Spent the first 20 minutes geeking out during an interview this morning. Even if I don’t don’t get the gig, I made a buddy. His final questions – and this is evidence of how lightweight the conversation was: name your favorite movie and boy band.

“Fight Club, Pi, The Matrix, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead.” I abstained from naming a boy band and he objected. “Fine. Menudo was the shit when I was in elementary school. Then the girls caught wind of Wham! They were all in love with George Michael. I got the last laugh. So my favorite boy band is Wham!”

“Well played,” he said, “I’m the second of 2 interviews you’ll have to endure. You should hear from us by Friday or Monday at the latest. Expect to hear from us before then.”

My follow-up email to thank him for his time recommended “Her” as a brilliant example of where AI could/might/will definitely take us.

Might as well have fun with an interview if you may have to suffer the trenches with these folks.

*Update: I got the job.