Monday’s Update

City Center, Belfast, N. Ireland

Howdy, All.

It’s been a busy day. I found a new Internet cafe that allows me to dock my laptop directly to their network. JOY!

Also, I scored BIG TIME on coffee shops in the downtown area. I’ve had no less than 3 large cups of fine brew. Someone certainly heard my moaning and complaining upstairs.

Along that line, the weather here has been absolutely beautiful. Not dreary the way I normally prefer – as many of you know – but sunny and warm, nearly 16oC (approx 70o F??) since I arrived. Granted, when all of us drove up to North Antrim county on Wednesday we had a spot of drizzle along a small part of the drive but other than that it’s been warm and dry.

The family here insists that I must have brought it here with me because these conditions are quite unusual for this time of year.

But, it’s becoming a bit gloomy today and I assume that it’s time to head west to Donegal and the cottage. I plan to leave tomorrow a.m. Hopefully the sun will stay to my back as my feet travel forward

I have heard that the place is pretty sparse in living conditions but I think that it should be fine. Considering I have no problem sleeping in the dirt and bathing in the Kern river once a year on backpacking trips, the cottage in GlenColumbKille should be more than adequate.

Also, it is most likely that I’ll be offline for a few days until I can locate an internet cafe in the nearest city. I’ll be writing a bit until then and will do a batch update for everyone probably next Saturday.

My spirits are much higher than they were on Saturday evening. I really am enjoying the trip so far. There’s so much to see here in Belfast that I could easily spend a few more weeks just wandering around and catching the sights. But, my journey is pressing. It’s time to move along.

It was Uncle Sean’s birthday yesterday. Uncle Denis’, too! Happy Birthday to both.

I’m looking forward to finally getting some rest. I’ll take lots of photos for you all and post a few stories about the locations and events.

Miss you all.


P.S. There have been a couple of requests for photos with me somewhere in the image. It’s been a bit difficult to do. I’ll check with Kieran and see if he has any from Giant’s Causeway. Otherwise, I’ll see what I can manage in the next few days.