No Grass Growing Under These Toes

Mt. Dora, Florida


Friday, 3 May. Noon.

The truck is packed and I fire up the engine. I’m gone.

Saturday, 4 May. 1:00 pm.

I’m somewhere between El Paso and San Antonio, Texas. It’s hotter than hell…. and uglier.

Sunday, 5 May. 2:00 pm.

Mississippi. Hot. Humid. Pretty, though.

Monday, 6 May. 3:00 pm.

Mt. Dora, Florida. I’m visiting with Addie, Ryan, their kids and my folks.

Tuesday, 7 May. 4:00 pm.

Meet Iris for the first time.

Wednesday, 8 May. 5:00 pm.

Spending the day with my folks and Addie’s family.


Yeah, I bugged out. Ready for the road while still dealing with lingering jetlag. Nothin’ left, folks.

Texas sucked. It figures that the largest state that takes the longest to drive through would also be the most miserable and desolate. At least the Arizona and New Mexico deserts were beautiful.

Louisiana rocked. Loved it. Blackjack in St. Charles paid for the first leg of the trip. Thanks, Donald Trump!

Mississippi and Alabama went by in a flash. So, too, did Tallahassee. I was near Mt. Dora by late Sunday night.

2500 miles in little more than 60 hours. Beautiful.

I’m getting some rest now. Finally picked up a dial-up account so I can check my e-mail and maybe post some pictures.

I’ll get back to you on that. Kinda busy at the moment.

More stories from Ireland to come, too!

Glad to see that you’re ALL still checking the site. Come back soon. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Take care.