Kilcar, Co. Donegal, Republic of Ireland

Okay, here’s some snackies for you all. Three brand spanking new posts from a few days ago.

I have a few good stories from the last few days but I haven’t put anything down yet. You’ll get some of that possibly tomorrow, possibly the next day.

I’m back in the Glen (GlenColumbKille) now and quite thankful for it. I was surprised at how anxious I was to return. I’ve become very familiar with the Glen and yet there is still a sense of discovery.

There’s also a sense of mildew. Spent a few hours scrubbing, dusting and cleaning last night. Picked up some paint and sandpaper this afternoon. I’m going to try to leave the place in better condition than it was when I arrived.

Ah, purchased a new space heater for the place, too. Joy.

Such simple pleasures.

Strange how I’m almost become used to this.

Take your time reading the new posts. You might not see any new material for a day or two.

Take care-

warm toes and all….


Recommended Listening:
Mundy – July