The Ibex Bluetooth Doorbell We All Want (Well, I Do)

Designing the new Ibex Bluetooth doorbell speaker and the copy for its infomercial:

Tired of those annoying solicitors who ring your doorbell, interrupting your morning or wake up your sleeping kids? Those miserable a-holes who ignore the “NO SOLICITING” sign you painstakingly taped to your front door and still ding your bell? Don’t waste another moment telling those toolbags to fuck off! Let the Ibex Doorbell Speaker do it for you!

With the Ibex Bluetooth Doorbell speaker, you can bark extremely loud and offensive messages to the jerkwads at your door, randomly, every single time they touch the button, until they go away or break down in tears of shame. Including such classics as….

“Get bent!”

“Fuck off!”

“If you’re not delivering for Amazon, get off my porch!”

“Just… leave.”

“I’m armed and out of medication!”

“We’re atheists.”

“[COUGH!] We have teburculosis. I’ll be right down.”

“[Robotic voice] Please Swipe your debit card, we require a $20 transaction fee to listen to your sales pitch.”

“[screaming] You bring my money bitch? Don’t make me cut you!”

Order yours today!