Uncut Gems (2019, Pay-per-View)

Uncut Gems is a less than heartwarming tale of a jeweler’s downward spiral into self destruction due to his gambling addiction and the thrill of the hustle.

Audio carried significant roles throughout the movie, as if it played two separate characters. Scenes of deep emotion are surprisingly silent, where we are left with only the heavy breath of dialog. Whereas the most intense scenes are amplified by a heavily synthesized effervescent techno soundtrack reminiscent of Blade Runner… straight out of the 80’s. It’s an interesting and disruptive throughout the movie, entirely unexpected.

Uncut Gems is exceptionally made, well acted and immerses you in a gritty, slimy world of gamblers, loan sharks and muscle guys. In it Adam Sandler proves that he can carry a serious role, void of comedic relief, without sacrificing his signature presence.

I recommend seeing this at least once if for nothing else but to witness Sandler successfully deliver a surprisingly serious role.