2 Gallons of Milk

I visit grocery stores daily, just in hope of what I might find. Today I was thrilled to find a few gallons of milk, I bought two because we’ve rationed out what little we had at home for days. I found a loaf of overpriced bread that my kids might eat. We’ll see. No fresh meat, yet. I was happy to see some fresh fruits and vegetables. I even found beef stock and some clean frozen vegetables. Hope to find flour in a day or two so I don’t have to break open our emergency dry goods supply. 

It was the least bleak day I’ve had out in the public in over a week only because two gallons of milk came home to my kids. My pantry is not empty, but what it contains is not great quality. And the grown ups in this house are finding ourselves abstaining from food, knowing that while we’re not starving, every bite we take is one less than the kids can, preparing for a potential future. 

I hope our kids don’t remember these days or what is to follow. But it’s changed us. I thought I was smart in the past, prepared for a bad couple of weeks. 

I’m deeply concerned about how quickly the irrational fear turned to hoarding, then into panic. The next level is desperation unless we start finding immediate solutions. 

Please be a part of the solution. Feed the hungry, delay balances due, continue healthcare, share what you can, sacrifice where it might help. Protect and defend the many of those that may become victims of circumstance beyond their control. We are capable of soldiering through this and we need to revisit the solutions and lessons we’ve learned from the past, adapt and overcome.