Buster’s Mal Heart (Netflix)

Buster is less about a “transformation” as the brief description conveys than a downward spiral into deep, tragic mental illness. The outcome of which is always unpredictable. Rami Malek is perfectly disturbed as always.

There isn’t much range here. Rami is great. But your overall experience may fall between “how awful” to “what the heck just happened?”

Always happy to hear your impressions.
Huge spoilers follow, so skip them until after you’ve seen it:

– A little too Fight Club. We’ve seen parts of this. While I believe Palahniuck really mastered this space, he wasn’t the first, won’t be the last and Buster isn’t the best.
– Delusional scenes during the final moments cross over into the sane’s perspective! That breaks so many experienced story telling rules that it disconnects even the most flexible of audiences.
– The final moment would have been totally acceptable we’re it not for the former. Direction broke the ownership of narrative and it failed when it was most crucial.
– I don’t want to give away any more to anyone who hasn’t seen it. But if you have, let’s chat!