Images Added

City Center, Belfast, N. Ireland

Hello, All-

I’ve posted a few pictures in the Images section (use the link above). I’ll be posting descriptions of each sometime soon.

On an interesting side-note, the radio here in the Internet Cafe in City Center just announced that an “incidiary device”, about the size of a cassette tape, was found and detonated by the police a few blocks away. The police are warning those in the area to be on the lookout for suspicious devices. No one seemed to notice here in the cafe.

What they all did respond to, rather quietly under their breath, was the next story about a Catholic man that was kidnapped last night and taken by two men to a loyalist area where his leg was placed in a vice and his knee shattered by a sledgehammer.

This also occurred a few blocks away.

Sure, I could just as easily not mention any of this. Of course you worry about me. I’m being cautious and paying close attention to areas that I’m in. The fact is that apparently the perception we’ve received at home in the States regarding the Troubles here in Northern Ireland are pretty accurate.

But pay attention to the local news at home. You’re hearing the same kind of stories about areas in Los Angeles with the exception that the violence there is not politically motivated. It is, however, just as senseless.

Take care. I will.