JoJo Rabbit (Pay-Per-View)

This is one of those movies you watch 100 times and discover something new…Every. Single. Time.

10-year old JoJo is a brown shirt recruit in Nazi Germany near the end of WWII. His imaginary best friend is none other than the super hero he’s led to believe is championing the world, Adolph Hitler.

We are immersed immediately into a world where JoJo has all of the answers, and we struggle with the discomfort of Nazi symbols and Hitler being a best friend whom encourages JoJo to be the best he can be. It’s both unsettling and fascinating.

Later we discover that JoJo’s mom is secretly involved in the anti-fascist resistance.

Allow the story to unfold. You’ll experience a whirlwind of emotions, all brilliantly written and convincingly portrayed. JoJo Rabbit is disruptive, unsettling, heart warming and soul crushing. Its worth every minute of your time.