The Ghost Bride (Netflix)

The Ghost Bride is a romantic drama, with a warm presence of charm and humor and a bucket of supernatural that dances with the grotesquely dark side of death and the afterlife. In Mandarin, set in 1890’s China.

You didn’t know you needed this in your life, but now I’ve told you. If you are drawn to any of the adjectives above, this 6-episode series is for you.

Cinematically, this is a Hollywood quality production. We are drawn into the sets and scenes, the visuals are warm and inviting, the acting is convincing even when the story angles towards the silly. Yet it all remains fun until the dead get involved.

There is one caveat: I STRONGLY recommend you watch this in the native language setting (Chinese/Mandarin, whichever you’re Netflix app calls it). Then enable the subtitles in your preferred language. I want you to hear the original dialog because the actors deliver a compelling and entertaining story that isn’t afraid to be fun, romantic and creepy as if it were a dish you needed to order.