The Journey Accelerates…Then Stalls

Mt. Dora, Florida

I arrived in Mt. Dora a week ago today. It’s been a great stay for a lot of different reasons. I’ve been able to spend time with Addie, Ryan and the kids. I’ve seen some beautiful locations, spent a day at the beach with everyone, saw my folks. I’ve met some great people.

One meeting in particular was a lot of fun. I finally met my friend Iris. We’ve been speaking by phone for a year or so now and developed a really powerful friendship. We’ve carried each other through some wonderful times and some really bad times.

Iris is a fellow young widow. Her husband passed away a few months before Christina did. We learned that we have a lot in common, both from our relationships with our spouses and a number of common interests regarding life and love in general.

She’s been an incredible source of support over the last year or so that we’ve known each other and I’m eternally grateful to know her as a true friend.

Meeting her for the first time in person was fantastic. We toured around Orlando and visited some of her favorite spots. The hot and humid day was spent simply enjoying each other’s company, talking the way we usually do but this time without the overhead of long distance phone calls. I even had the pleasure of making fun of her sister’s dogs which Iris is tending to for a few days. Not the brightest canines I’ve encountered, but it was fun nonetheless.

Iris noticed something in me that day which she has known in herself for quite some time: the need to leave. I’m still coming to terms with it as familiarity sets in. I noticed it quite a bit in Ireland and it took hold less than 24 hours after I arrived in California. Something inside simply snaps and this horrible urge to simply leave takes over. I don’t know where else I would rather be, nor why the feeling strikes. The only cure for the moment is to simply give in and disappear, regardless of where I end up.

Well, that feeling struck while I was with Iris (as it had once I arrived in Florida). It wasn’t Iris. It’s never anyone or anything in particular. I wish I knew what the trigger was just to watch out for it. Either way, it hit and I was gone the next morning.

It was fantastic finally seeing Iris. I’m glad we’ll be able to continue our friendship no matter where either of us lands. She’s pretty damned cool.

I arrived back in Mt. Dora and spent the evening with the family. It was strange having everyone here except Aaron. Honestly, that sucked. I wish he was here just to watch him playing with the kids again. He’s got a way with them.

I stayed in a condo with my folks and decided that I should stay at least another day or so to visit with Addie, Ryan and the kids.

One day turned into two. Two turned into four. I’ve started to meet some great people. The condo is quite comfortable. There’s some demand in the area for consultants like me. I’ve seen that already. The people are nice, the weather is hot and muggy, but the place is beautiful.

Visiting with my sister, her husband and their two hysterical kids has been so much fun. The last time I saw them I was in a completely different state of mind. Its great to feel on top of things now so that I can enjoy the company of others, particularly 4 people so important to me.

Then I learned how spectacular the diving is throughout all of Florida. My gear arrived today (thanks, Aaron!!). I’m looking forward to some pretty technical dives in both Central and Southern Florida (including the Keys!!).

Technical dives require some additional training, though. So, I signed up for an advanced dive class. It starts next week I think.

Then I made a contact who needs some technical work done. The resume was delivered today. Hmmmm….

Somethings smells like grass growing around here. I think I feel it under my toes.

But there’s still Christiana’s baptism next month sometime. I have a feeling I’ll be picking up a round trip ticket….

Mom’s freaking out right now. Her only daughter was swallowed into the Orlando trap a few years ago. Now her wandering oldest son is feeling out the place for work.

I’ve met a couple of good folks, one of whom looks to be a great snorkling partner (there are a lot of spots out here that only allow snorkling and the depths really don’t justify tanks). I see a friendship developing here, too. No complaints.

Nope. No complaints. That’s what concerns me a little but I’m not going to let it take hold…yet.

Honestly, what the hell else am I going to do? Where should I do it?

Why not here for a while, just to see?