Timmy Failure – Mistakes Were Made (Disney+)

Sit your middle schooler down and take an awkward journey with Timmy, age 10, trying to solve crimes with his polar bear partner as he navigates the difficulties of school, friends and never fitting in.

Meanwhile you get to experience the replacement of an absent parent with an imaginary friend, the strange presence of an adult who is not a parent, the emotions of solving the struggle of the infuriating child that you would give anything for, but makes you want to scream.

This is a Portland-based Napoleon Dynamite for 10 year olds. There’s something for us as parents as well. There is adventure, sadness, a touch of mystery and a great big best friend polar bear named Terrible Failure, a.k.a. “Papa Bear”. You’ll connect the dots and it’s sweet, endearing and fun. It’s intelligent and heart warming without being obnoxious and just the right balance of a misfit owning his identity to empower those of us who were never perfect and needed to learn self acceptance the hard way.